About Us


Ultimate Solutions; opened first branch in Saudi Arabia in 2006 and provide software solutions for the market.

The quality of our products we developed and the unique support that we offer keep our customers being the first choice.

We have shifted our teams to Egypt, India and other countries to increase our diversity. We are now operating in 23 countries.

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is a trusting brand with its growth chart since 2015.


Onyx Pro ERP
Today, thanks to Onyx Pro that helps your business to track:
  • Accounting flow,
  • Your income and expenditures,
  • Inventory tracking of your products,
  • Customers and suppliers flow
and much more
Ultimate Pro
This product is designed for all companies on the SME scale that are engaged in production, service or trading.
  • uses MS SQL database
  • Provides control of your accounting business and liquidity
  • You can follow the inventory regardless of the type of your products
  • You can use the four language: Arabic, English, French and Turkish
Our Ultimate Almotakamel product, designed for the smaller business, allows you to keep your sales, your products and prices under control. With this product developed using MS Access database, you can start measuring your company's competency right away.