POS Management Systems

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Works in various retail stores using bar codes, issue an invoice to the store customers with the information on his/her purchased items, monitors the movement of POS during direct sales operations, and issue aggregate and detailed reports about POS sales and payouts according to the shift or cashier.

The Most Important Functions:

  • Direct selling by items barcode automatic reading and issuing the invoice to the customer.
  • Receive the value with any currency defined in the system and with various payment methods (cash, postpaid, credit card, purchase coupons, and return vouchers).
  • Dealing with promotional offers and discount percentages on selling goods.
  • Processing cash returns, and exchanges and monitoring them according to the business/establishment policy.
  • Inputting clearances of cashiers’ sales and daily financial impresses, matching them with actual sales, and generating the entries of deficit or surplus differences automatically.
  • Posting total sales and returns every day for each cashier by the points of sales he/she used.

The Most Important Features:

  • The rapid processing of direct sales operations in retail stores and supermarkets, issuing an invoice to the client with its purchased items and processing the returns and promotions.
  • The possibility of selling directly on the main server or on sub-servers which will be transferred later to the main server.
  • The possibility of specifying a point of sale for receiving cash and other points for selling and issuing invoices.
  • Quick transaction of selling process accurately and efficiently, and the possibility to configure the keyboard for specific items.
  • Obtaining multiple reports with detailed options for cash sales, postpaid sales, discounts, returns, and net sales etc. According to every point of sale and every cashier. (User)
  • Dealing with weighted items by updating their data and prices in the scales.
  • Monitoring sales, the movement of points and getting up to date statistical indicators.
  • The possibility of specifying a price level to a point of sale in case of need.
  • Grant the postpaid client secret numbers and controlling the ceiling of their debts .

POS Management System affects Onyx PRO ERP systems and fully integrated with sales, warehouses and GL accounts.

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